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Phable combines the words photo + fable, meaning a picture that tells a short story.

Playbook with two happy family images

01. Our Story

What do I do with all the videos on my phone?

That was the first question that sparked the idea behind Phable. With thousands of short videos on Ben’s phone after the birth of his children, he knew that if they stayed on his phone, they were likely to be lost. If they were saved on the cloud, they would likely be forgotten.

Ben remembers flicking through old photos from when he was a young child and realising that he had no memories of them.

“What if my kids could flip through videos as easily as photos, revisit their childhood memories, and re-live the moment behind each photo?” After a fruitless search for a solution to his problem, Phable was born.

Holding a phone to scan the Playbook
Unfolding a Playbook

02. Our Goal

Sometimes the greatest stories are told from the little moments.

As parents, we know that it’s not just the milestones that are worth capturing. It’s also the little moments. A cheeky smile, a funny thing they said or did, or the clumsy way they walked into a wall. It’s when they told you they loved you, and the way their eyes look into yours, telling you that you meant the world to them.

These are the memories that warm your heart when recall them, and they are exactly the kind of memories that you want to re-live over and over again.

Our goal is to allow you to do that in the easiest and best way possible.

03. FAQs

More questions?


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1. Do I need to create an account to order?

Yes. When you create a Phable, it is tied to your email address. Why? Simply because we want to ensure your Phable can only be viewed by you. If you wish to share it with someone else, you can do so by adding their email address to your Phable.

2. How can I check the status of my order?

We’re in the process of creating a page where you can view the status of your order anytime, but in the meantime, please email hi@phable.com with your order number.

3. Sensitive Content, Copyright and Privacy

It is your responsibility to ensure that the content of your photos and videos do not violate copyright and is morally, socially and legally acceptable in your country or state.

By submitting your photos and videos for printing, please be assured that you do not give up ownership or rights to your content. What’s yours is yours, and we exist only as caretakers of your memories to the best of our ability.

We will never share your data with any third party, and will not use your photos or videos in any marketing materials without your consent.

4. Can I change the e-mail address on my account?

For now, no, you will not be able to change your e-mail address on your account. However, feel free to create a new account with your new e-mail address.


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1. Can I leave a note in my gift?

Yes you can. When you checkout on our website or iPhone app, there is a Notes section you can fill in with your personalised note.

Modifying Orders

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1. How do I cancel my order?

To get your order to you as quickly as possible, we try to start making your order as soon as they are placed. This means that we can only allow cancellations within one hour of placing your order. 

If you wish to cancel your order, email hi@phable.com within one hour of placing your order, and we will sort it out for you.

If you contact us outside of the one hour window, most likely your Phable has already been printed and assembled for you, which means that we will not be able to cancel your order, or refund you.

2. How do I edit an order I have already placed?

Unfortunately, you can’t. We run an automated system that is designed to get your Phables to you as quickly as possible, so once an order has been placed, you will not be able to change it.

What you can do is cancel the order by emailing hi@phable.com within one hour of your order being placed. Once your order has been cancelled, you can then go ahead and make a new order.

3. Can I change the delivery address?

You sure can, as along as your order hasn’t shipped. Just email us at hi@phable.com with your order number and new delivery address.


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1. Coupons

While we occasionally offer discounts and promotions, it is not something that we focus on or do very often. Even though our products are cutting-edge, we believe in offering fair prices - pricing ourselves competitively with leading print companies. We are also aware that videos are expensive to store. While these costs do add up over the years, we believe that you cannot put a price on memories. 

2. We accept payment via Apple Pay and credit / debit card. We use Stripe as our payment processor and they currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards from 138 countries. You can read more about them here: Stripe

Placing an Order

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1. Uploading photos for printing

As we have only recently launched, we are aware that our web uploads could be further improved. This is the reason why our Playbooks can only be ordered via our iOS app, as we are currently building our photo management web module to better handle multiple media items (photos and videos).

2. Can I save a draft of my order?

Saving drafts currently only works within our iOS app. Unfortunately we are unable to save drafts on our website at this time but we are working on adding that functionality soon.

3. I can’t upload my photos or videos

  • Wrong file type: Please only upload .jpg or .png for photos, and .mp4 for videos.
  • Videos files are too large: Keeping your videos below 400MB will mitigate issues while uploading.
  • My screen is stuck on “Uploading”: This usually happens when there is an intermittent internet connection. As you are sending large files to our server, sometimes a hiccup in your connection can cause issues. One way to fix this is to ensure that you have strong WiFi signal before uploading your media.

4. What is your production / turnaround time?

Products generally take between 2-5 business days to produce, and this time will increase during periods of high volume such as Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. These are gifting periods that will see our daily production volume increase up to 10 times. 

We apologise for this inconvenience and would recommend for you to put in an order at least 4 weeks before a major gifting holiday if you’re based in New Zealand, and 4-6 weeks for all International orders.

5. Can I use expedited shipping?

You sure can! If you have an urgent order that needs to arrive yesterday, we have multiple shipping options upon checkout. Sometimes however, your address may not show expedited shipping options (our shipping agent can’t explain why their software does that). In that case, you can proceed to order with standard shipping and email us at hi@phable.com to request for expedited shipping. We can then quote you for the additional cost for your shipping preference. 

Please understand that even with expedited shipping, we cannot control events or delays that sometimes crop up with courier / postal services. 

6. What resolution should my photos and videos be?

As we print at 300 dpi, we recommend that your photos be as close to this as possible to ensure clear and sharp prints. For videos, HD 1080p is the ideal resolution, taking into account video quality and upload / download speed. 

7. Can I re-order a previous order?

Yes, you can. Simply access our iOS app under Profile > Order History. From there, locate the order you want to place and add it into your cart.


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1. My photos printed out blurry.

We strive to always provide you with the best quality products, because we can customers of Phable as well, and we want our memories to be preserved in the best way possible.

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds if the original file provided is low resolution, blurry or dark. However we are more than happy to work with you to ensure that your future orders are up to your expectations.

Please remember that photos viewed on a mobile device or computers are backlit and will make photos appear to be brighter than they actually are. This also affects the way colours look and there will be some very minor variations when printed, as our printed products do not have any back lighting.

2. I am unhappy with the quality.

In the rare case that we miss quality checks of our products before they are sent out, we are more than happy to reprint your order or provide you with a coupon code for a future order. Kindly email us at hi@phable.com and attach clear photos of the issue, including a brief description of the problem.


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1. Shipping costs

Our shipping costs are calculated based on weight, package dimensions and destination. When you enter your shipping address, the available options to ship to the selected address will come up. If you do not see a shipping option, please email us at hi@phable.com so we can help sort it out for you.

2. Multiple shipping addresses

We are unable to ship products within the same order to multiple addresses. If you would like to order duplicates to be shipped to another address, you can do so by going to Profile > Order History. There, you can locate the order and add it back to your cart to checkout and ship to your other intended address.

3. International shipping

Standard shipping: International orders that choose standard shipping are shipped out with New Zealand Post, and packages are transferred to your country’s local postal service upon arrival at customs. Items will usually arrive 2-4 weeks after being picked up by our postal service.
Expedited shipping: We have multiple expedited shipping options for most countries. If you do not see any available options to you during checkout, please email us at hi@phable.com so that we can manually quote one for you.

4. Can I change from standard shipping to expedited shipping after checkout?

Please email us at hi@phable.com as soon as possible after you place your order so that we can make these changes for you and quote you for the additional cost. Please remember to also include your order number in your email.

5. Customs duties and taxes

Personalised photo products do not usually incur customs duties and taxes. However, every country’s policy vary and it is best to contact your local customs office for more information before placing your order.
The shipping fee paid at checkout is the cost to ship the products to you, and does not guarantee additional coverage for customs duties and tax.

Work With Us

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1. Can I collaborate with Phable?

Yes! Please email us at hi@phable.com and let us know who you are, what you do (influencer, blogger, small business etc) and how we can help each other grow.

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